Wednesday, June 23, 2010

le Tarn by Alexis

The Tarn is a river of the South of France. It is situated in the mountains of the "Massif Central" and flows  into the Garonne.
The Tarn is appreciated for the gorges which it has  dug upstream to Millau and which are  remarkable places.

The  tourist activities are: canoeing, rafting, Hydrospeed, sport fishing, bathing, sailing and rowing

The Albi motorace circuit by Léa and Guillaume

The Albi motorace circuit is a automobile circuit which is 3573 meters long. It was created in 1959. In the beginning, the races were junior then junior, formule 2 and the formule 3.Today,there have been 67 "grand prix" on this circuit. This grand prize is called: THE GRAND PRIZE OF ALBI. The winner of the 1 st grand prix is called Colin David. Here are some photos:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gaillac and it's vineyards by Arthur C.

Gaillac is a vineyard of the South. West. It is situated fifty kilometers North East of Toulouse. Gaillac is one of the oldest vineyards of France. The Gaillac appellation area covers two thousand five hundred hectare spread over seventy-three caves for an A.O.C production of over hundred sixty five thousand hcl. It can produce a great variety of elaborate wines a wide range of dry, sweet and a "perlé" (sparkling) white wines, red and rosé as well as sparkling wines.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The old bridge of Albi by Kevin

The old bridge of Albi, seen from the banks of the Tarn. Imagined in the 15th century it has been finally built in 16th century and allowed finally to join highly-rated Castelvel.The bridge was itself strengthened, houses were built on its top, and this bridge served as toll. It was first stone-built then brick-built. Today the bridge does not carry any more neither houses nor the main entrance towards the old district.

Jean Jaurès by Théau

Jean Jaurès is a french politician ,born in Castres (Tarn) on september 3 rd ,1859 and dead slaughtred in Paris on july 31 st,1914.Speak and socialist parliamentarion he notably distinguished by his pacifism and its opposition to the First World War.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Claude Bernard clinic by Arthur L.

The clinic Claude Bernard was created in 1970, and developed regulary.

The clinic Claude Bernard in numbers :

Patients :

approximately 20 000 patients every year

The means :

22 000 m2 of buildings on ha of land.

212 beds

66 specialized doctors and 452 other employees (nurses, secretaries,...)

Laperouse by Armand, Maxence and Thomas

Jean-françois de Galaup, its Laperouse was born in 1741 to Albi. It is a sailor(browser) and a French explorer. He(it) enters in sailor it in 1756. He(it) participates in several campaigns(countrysides) against English. They becomes famous in particular in 1782 by attacking(affecting) and by destroying(annulling) the English establishments of the bay(berry) of Hudson. Lapérouse is in charge of in 1785 by king louis XVI of an exploratory expedition around the world; leaves thus Brest on August 1st, 1785 with frigates(frigate birds) the compass and the astrolabe in 1788 one stops having ofnews(short stories)...

the Aussac church by Angély

Aussac is a small village of 300 inhabitants. You can find in the village a pretty church. Opposite of the church you can see a part of the old castesof Aussac.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A 360° view of Albi

Would you like to see our town (15 km from Florentin)? Here it is, seen from the top of a church.

Cathedral Sainte-Cécile in Albi by Margaux and Charline

In Albi, there is a cathedral. It's name is Sainte-Cécile.

It is in red brick.

It was constructed between 1282 and 1480.

It's a gothic monument.

It has got an organ of the 18th century.

The fresco are of renaissance style.

There is a painting of the middle age.
It has got only one entry.

It is one of the big gest building in brick of the world.

Two century were necessary to construct.

Today it is one of the most visited

cathedrals of France.