Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Florentin's church by Camille

Saint Peter In the Links

When was it built? We do not know because it is very ancient. In old documents we already find information on the church Saint Saint Pierre Aux Liens: XII century: «Florentin must be already live Seigneurial rights in favour of Abbot de Candeil by Raimond de Rigal of Florentine (1177). »Ed because we find archives giving evidence of donations of some Right seigneurial in favour of Abbot of Candeil by Rémond of Rigal of Florentin (1177). "

Why this church it is original ? This church is original because above the door it is written there " French republic, freedom, equality, brotherhood. "

Who are the most known priests? Three the oldest priests are:

- 1620…LIMOUSIN Barthélemy Vicar

- 1638…LAUDIE Raymond Vicar

- 1640…GINIEYS Vicar

The three cures the most recent are:

- 1985 … DESPRATE Bernard cleaned out by Fonlabourg

- 1987 … PERUFFO Vincent cleaned out by Marssac

- 2001 … VINCENEAU Jean Claude cleaned out by the cathedral ST CÉCILE